2021 Luncheons


International Press Club of Chicago January 2021 Program:

DATE:  Wednesday, January 13, 2021


GUEST SPEAKER:  Stehpen Kinzer

PROGRAM:  Poisoner In Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind-Control


The award-winning foreign correspondent Kinzer's latest book, "Poisoner In Chief," is a stunning story of CIA's mind-control projects. Sidney Gottlieb made pills, powders, and potions that could kill or maim without a trace - including some intended for Fidel Castro and other foreign leaders. He paid prostitutes to lure clients to CIA-run bordellos, where they were dosed with mind-altering drugs. His experiments spread LSD across the United States, making him a hidden godfather of the 1960s counterculture. During his twenty-two years at the CIA, Gottlieb worked in the deepest secrecy. "Poisoner in Chief" reveals him as a clandestine conjurer on an epic scale.

About Kinzer:

Kinzer spent more than 20 years reporting for the New York Times, most of it as a foreign correspondent. In 1983 he became the first Times bureau chief in Nicaragua. Later he headed Times bureaus in Germany and Istanbul. He is the author of ten books, of which "Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control” is the most recent. Kinzer presently writes a world affairs column for the Boston Globe and is a senior fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University.


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