President's Note

I’m almost at a loss to figure out where to go with this, my very first “President’s Comments” of 2018! Not by design, I assure you, but by happenstance!

So, probably a situational update is in order!

It seems, as with most organizations, we had a number of long-running IT-based issues, hence the lack of a visible, viable, and informative site for quite some time.

This ongoing situation, prompted a full bottom-up review of our web presence, all the while attempts were being made to perform a myriad of (as they all turned out…dead end in nature…) fixes.  This review then took on a new precedence and led to the total scrapping of all of our remaining web content in favor of an entirely new site! 

For this, we have to thank our new Communications Manager, Ehren Muhammad!  He graciously endured what seemed like endless hours of officer meetings and delays, which would have broken a lesser person!  His patience and professionalism resulted in the posting of our new site, with a touch of the old, with a much broader scope, more in line, with the very Charter and first word of our name….”INTERNATIONAL” in mind!

Hence its’ new address…!

For the time being, though, we will be simultaneously using the original site, along with until the end of the year, whereupon, the .us site will go away.

The new site will offer brand new, quarterly supplement-style photojournalistic publishing opportunities for our general membership, and especially for our J-student population!

Video documentaries, news and feature reporting will also be incorporated as well!  This reflects our expanding International Membership’s budding, and/or professional capabilities, while offering them a newly expanded outlet for their endeavors!

As a direct offshoot of unfolding events worldwide, proper vetting of meeting attendees and participants has been on the upswing.  As a result of these expanded security requisites, the IPCC Board arrived at the decision that beginning in 2018, we would institute a major change to our meeting attendee policy.  We’ve gone from a “Come One-Come All” style of very rigidly scheduled, monthly meetings, as has been the rule for years, to a “members only” style or meeting format. This has allowed us to highlight and partake in a broader array of available events during what were previously considered “off day events” in the past.

From just the start of 2018 up until this July, this policy change has allowed our members to enjoy multiple invitations to diplomatic events, been invited to limited access presentations (including a meet and greet with the project manager of the Cassini Space program), been offered to partake in test drives of exotic sports cars on actual race tracks, and some even appeared in foreign report segments of the nightly news back in the Middle East!

That said, it’s time for a close, without giving away too much for the rest of the year!  For that, you need to renew your expired membership or tune in for updates as they occur!

Thank you!


Wayne C. Toberman, President