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International Press Club of Chicago February 2020 Program:

DATE:  Monday, February 24, 2020

LOCATION: Consulate General of Turkey


PROGRAM:  "Revival of the Ancient Silk Road: Turkey's Middle Corridor Initiative"


Consul General Şanli will share the projects Turkey has been undertaking to support the revival of ancient Silk Road. Turkey is seen as a gateway to Europe for the modern Silk Road --also known as the Belt and Road Initiative-- which covers China, Kazakhstan, Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. In support of China's Belt and Road initiative, Turkey came up with the concept of "Trans-Caspian East-West Middle Corridor" initiative as a complement providing uninterrupted connectivity between Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, Russia, and Africa.


This connection intends to be both physical through infrastructure, trade routes, and financial institutions and intangible through the exchange of information, culture, and ideas. 


The Consul General Sanli's biography please direct to Consulate website at:http://chicago.cg.mfa.gov.tr/Mission/Biography


NOTE: The event is held at the Turkish Consulate conference room and open to IPCC and IWA members and their guests free of charge.

Ayse Selcan SANLI Photo 2.jpeg

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