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Membership Application Form

Please use the form below to apply for the International Press Club of Chicago membership. This form is for new members.

For information on membership categories scroll down or click here, and for your questions please email us at

Current members could renew membership, by clicking here for the Membership Renewal Form.

If you have paid a portion of your membership and would like to pay the balance, please fill out the Membership Balance Form to make the payment.

To donate please scroll down or click here for the Donation Form.

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Interest in serving on the following committees

Membership Categories and Dues

Working Press Member:
Currently working in a full-time or freelance capacity for established news media, reporting, preparing or supervising the preparation of news, or creating distinguished works of journalism.*

  • Resident: $60 per year

  • Non-US Resident: $30 per year

  • Retired: $60 per year


Associate Member: $60 per year
Persons NOT currently employed in a full-time or freelance working press capacity in an established news medium, but who have represented a business or agency in a professional public relations capacity with various news media*.

Affiliate Member: $60 per year
Affiliate membership is extended upon invitation of the IPCC Board of Directors to those whose business or professional work involves close relationship or interest in the field of journalism and whose association will advance the mission and objectives of IPCC.


Officer or Board Member:  $100 per year

The current Board Member OR Officer option is limited to those elected for the position. 

Student Member: $20 per year  
Students of journalism or related disciplines.

Faculty Member:  $60 per year
Faculty of journalism or related disciplines.

Governmental, Military Member, and First Responder: $40 per year
Qualifying members of a U.S. Governmental Agency, Military, or First Responder in the public affairs, public relations, community affairs, spokesmen, photojournalist, or photography specialty areas. Persons not currently employed in a full-time or freelance working press capacity in an established news medium.

* NEWS MEDIA includes all sources and presentation of news and information, recognized and regularly established news agencies, newspapers, magazines, press syndicates, broadcast news (television and radio networks or stations), online newspapers, and blogs that maintain regular and independent news and/or feature coverage. It does not include promotional publications.

For Your IPCC Identification Card: 

Please either upload a digital headshot image of you against a light blue or white background or email it as an attachment to  Please make sure the name of the image file includes your name. 


Complete Your Application by Selecting Membership Type and Paying the First Year's Dues:


Please select the membership type at which you wish to join to pay the first year's dues. The payment can be made via PayPal with a Credit Card of your choice on the payment page.  Membership dues are payable annually in January. Those joining on or after a membership drive event are given membership until December 31st of the following year.


For membership-related questions please feel free to write to

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We appreciate your generosity, please donate whatever is within your means and support our mission.

Click here to review the IPCC mission and vision statement.


Thank you for your support!

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