President's Note



Here WE are once again facing another Crisis Situation.

 Only this time it’s not just an American dilemma but a Worldwide Catastrophe!

Though we are primarily together here in Chicago, our IPCC Membership is as broad-based as the four corners of the world!  With a membership from Australia to Moscow…Islamabad to Istanbul, we are truly an International organization, and what touches those members, touches us all! They need to be in your prayers just as those who sit next to you during our monthly meetings and events…given some of their remote locations, maybe even more so!

Besides our general membership, we also need to remember those friends as well who have supported the IPCC so loyally over the years from the more than 50 Diplomatic Missions in Chicago.  The varied and far-reaching communities they service.   As well as the numerous other friends throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area supporting the Press, Public Relations, Medical, and many other communities.

There is no doubt that these are trying times…and without reservation of thought…I must say that they will get worse before they get better!  At the time of penning this piece, we here in Chicago and Illinois, in general, have lost over 1,259 souls with another 29,160 infected by a virus with no respect for the social station, race creed or religion!

In spite of the human devastation both here and abroad, there have been repeated stories, images, and videos of people from across our City, the State, Country, and World pulling together and shining in the face of adversity by their compassion, humor, and caring for others!


It’s during this unparalleled time that I, Wayne Toberman, as President of the IPCC…no, just Wayne or Tobes, can look around and see what wonderful human beings we have throughout the world helping the severely ill, the dying, and those remaining In-between struck down in the worst of ways by this virus…those others selflessly looking after their loved ones at home or abroad, and their neighbors and complete strangers in high rise apartment buildings seldom seen or even acknowledged before this all happened!

 We are all learning as we go with this crisis and we will persevere!  Better yet, survive!  As has our members in New York City who pulled thru marvelously; the possibles here at home; and our Los Angeles member, a Health Care Provider who appears to have beaten the odds as well!

I wish everyone the very best of luck in the coming days and weeks, as we all wait for our respective regional plateau to be reached, and better yet the effective diminishment of this disease! But before I close,  I ask one very special thing of our Membership, Diplomatic Friends and Supporters…to please take a moment to send an email to me at or a TEXT to my cell at (708) 514-2353 to let us all know how you and your loved ones are doing!

Best Wishes and May Your God Bless and Keep you Safe in this time of upheaval both at home and abroad!

Wayne Toberman

, President  - International Press Club of Chicago