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President's Note

For the First Quarter of 2024, the IPCC was finally able to have its first election for Board and Officer members in a very long time. No more continuing resolutions or…to keep things together and operational! We finally made it happen as members from all over Chicagoland met for the occasion (and an incredible dinner as well) a few weeks ago at the McCook Bohemian Restaurant in McCook, Illinois!

What better venue to hold an International Press Club function in, than one of the last two remaining Bohemian (Czech, for those wondering what it is) restaurants in Chicagoland? Given the portion sizes, we literally feasted on some of the best examples of Bohemian International cooking (which is a bit Czech, part German, a touch Polish, and a smidgen of other European nationalities’ cuisines tossed in for good measure) that most of us had ever tasted!

And then it was down to business! 

Following the directive calling for the Dissolution of the Board followed by the subsequent election and votes tally, the new 2024 IPCC Board of Directors and Officers, was installed!

The results are as follows: apart from the loss of two longtime Board and Officer members, Mr. Lee Balgemann and Dr. Sevil Kutay, who are still members, our now former Communications Director, Mr. Ehren Muhammad, was elected Vice President!  

Throughout the entire process, the 2024 Acting President (appointed, non-elected Advisory Board Member) Mr. John Chenier, handled the entire process masterfully thus assuring the continuity of leadership of the IPCC for 2024.  

Thank you, John!

It’s with deep regret that both Lee and Sevil chose to step down from their leadership roles, but they will still be there to support the IPCC as they always did as part of the membership! Again, a very big Thank You for your years of service!

How is 2024 shaping up? Well, we have a lot of emphasis going into our Online Presence! That includes YouTube and multiple Social Media sites. We are soliciting extensive numbers of articles, still imagery, and video content from our digital Nomad members!  And who better to provide the content than them? So far in FY 2024, these travels have included Rome, Naples, Porto, throughout Portugal, Athens, now the Peloponnese Peninsula, and various Greek Isles, with planned trips through Eastern Europe, Southern Turkey, Malta, Northern Greece, Cyprus, Columbia, Panama, and MORE! These were just the ticketed trips past, present, and near future! The feelings are that the best is yet to come! With all the travel comes the expansion into the Diplomatic and General Membership presentation arenas! So, watch out for upcoming presentations set once again for the third Thursday of the month!

Last year, our membership experienced an inordinate number of health scares along with losses of key members due to their passing. With our fingers crossed we’re entering 2024 with good news on that front as well. Our past treasurer, Henry Weinograd, successfully underwent an extensive operation and lengthy rehab and is now back to traveling!  Likewise, our Secretary Richard Cornell has also followed suit with the same but is taking it easy at home instead!  Whereas others have had their share of a few travel-related tumbles, a mishap or two, and an operation, but are also doing well!  Dianne Chenier, Don Sender, and Barbara Dunn - know you are all in our prayers! 

This update wouldn't be complete without a big shout-out to our newest member, Mr. James Cone: World Traveler, Technical Writer, National Investment Lecturer, and Commodities Expert! Jim, Welcome to The IPCC!

Until next time, Wayne Toberman, your President, closing out this update!


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