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President's Note

As President of the International Press Club of Chicago, I relish the opportunity to address our membership, friends, and those soon-to-be members whenever possible, but it seems, as days turn into weeks into months, doing so directly has been nearly impossible for some time, but that is changing now! So watch your email for updates and scheduled programs and presentations because we are about to begin the new Fiscal Year with a very big bang!

To begin with, it brings great pleasure, and relief, to say that life has taken a turn for the better in the IPCC and our membership!  There have been no more losses to COVID! 


An energized IPCC has emerged from this trying time thanks, in no small measure, to the efforts of our Secretary, Richard Cornell!  Whose diligence and perseverance secured our 501(c)3 status after years of trying!!  This opens the door to pursue any number of our activities and philanthropic endeavors!  Including a renewed relationship with the Union League Club of Chicago!

Part of this post-Covid resurgence has involved the exploits of many of our members, including myself!  Throughout 2023, our members are planning to travel far and wide to learn and gain new insights into the people, places, and events shaping our world! From Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Great Britain including Scotland, Nordic Countries, to Dubai, Morocco, Colombia,  Venezuela and more are in the works!  I am currently planning trips to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands, with Greece high on the list once more, during September and October where I am already registered to drive in the Tour du Peloponnese 2023 Vintage Car Road Rally.  We are also currently forming multiple teams from the IPCC to compete in this, the “The Last Wild Auto Rally in Europe”!


IPCC members have proven themselves as awaken world travelers over the last 6 months with their trips to nations spanning most of the continents on the globe!  They have gone on “Walk Abouts” in Australia, weathered hurricanes, delved into the cultures of Central and South America, and traveled to the Dominican Republic and Columbia, Mexico and Europe!  As the driver for the only American team, I took part in a 70 team/6 day/1000 km International Road Rally in Greece, where our car placed in-class! On the same trip, articles were written, videos were produced, new friends were made in Cyprus and Crete and new members joined the IPCC in Athens from the publishing and art communities!   Which, segways into the new news category.  Highlighting these travels and more will be seen on our upcoming IPCC YouTube channel and our website, as well as in outside periodicals!

With the 17th of November, comes the first Zoom Guest Speaker presentation of FY 2023!  With a major changeover in Chicago’s Diplomatic Community of diplomatic personnel and leadership due to normal rotations, comes an opportunity to begin anew with our Diplomatic Presentations!  We have promises from no less than four senior Diplomats to host In-Mission programs at least once a quarter beginning in the calendar year 2023!  As you may remember, these were our IPCC flagship programs.  They are immersion in nature, with content specifically geared toward highlighting the very best that month’s hosting nation has to offer in categories of the Arts, Culture, Literary Accomplishments, Journalism, Tourism, and anything else the country cares to present instead of GNP accomplishments!  In short, without spin or the usual business-related subject lines, it’s their turn to shine!

2023 will be a year worth waiting for, and getting excited over!

Thank you all!


Wayne Toberman, President

International Press Club of Chicago

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