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Embracing Optimism:18 Reasons to Look Forward to 2024

looking forward with optimism: 2024

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Hope springs eternal, and as we step into the promising embrace of 2024, there's a sense of renewed optimism in the air. Despite the uncertainties that may lie ahead, let's make the most of this fleeting moment and explore the 18 reasons that make the coming year something to look forward to.

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Every four years, the Gregorian calendar gifts us an extra day, and 2024 is no exception. February 29th is not just for leap year babies; it's an additional day for everyone to cherish life.

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Paris hosts the Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games, introducing breakdancing as a sport and showcasing gender parity among athletes. (Published on July 26, 2022)

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On April 8, parts of Mexico, the United States, and Canada will witness a total solar eclipse, a celestial spectacle not to be missed. This will mark the last time the path of a total solar eclipse crosses over the US until 2044. (Published on January 10, 2024)

Artemis II crew members (from left) CSA (Canadian Space Agency) astronaut Jeremy Hansen, and NASA astronauts Christina Koch, Victor Glover, and Reid Wiseman walk out of Astronaut Crew Quarters inside the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building to the Artemis crew transportation vehicles prior to traveling to Launch Pad 39B as part of an integrated ground systems test at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday, Sept. 20, to test the crew timeline for launch day. NASA

NASA's Artemis II mission marks a historic return to the moon's orbit, with four astronauts, including the first Black and first woman astronaut to explore lunar ground.

NASA says the mission takes humans a step further to establishing a long-term presence on the moon, and will test other capabilities and mechanisms. The launch is set for November, and you can bet everyone will be humming with excitement about it.  (Published on Jan 09, 2024)

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Classic works, including "Steamboat Willie," enter the public domain, allowing for more freedom to use and share these cultural treasures.

When a work enters the public domain, it becomes free of copyright. In other words, people other than the creator are allowed to use it. (Published on December 18, 2023)

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer of Meta Platforms Inc. Photographer: Bloomberg/Bloomberg

In the wake of Meta's ambitious bet on the metaverse facing challenges, Mark Zuckerberg shifts focus to artificial intelligence as the company marks its 20th anniversary. Despite facing setbacks with the metaverse vision, Meta's AI research group, FAIR (Fundamental Artificial Intelligence Research), gains attention for its groundbreaking work.

With a $50 billion loss on the metaverse initiative, Meta aims to position itself as an AI leader, emphasizing generative AI and open models like Llama. As the social media giant navigates a shifting landscape, Zuckerberg's strategic moves take center stage.

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2024 marks 30 years of Amazon, the 60th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, the 100th anniversary of the Winter Olympics, and the 135th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower's opening.

According to an article on TODAY, here are some of the books that are highly anticipated for release in 2024:

  1. "The Waters" by Hermine Zook: This book takes readers on a transfixing journey into a small town and the women who keep its people alive. It follows generations of a family of herbalists and healers.

  2. "Dead in Long Beach, California" by Venita Blackburn: From the author of the short story collection "How to Wrestle a Girl," this heartbreaking novel explores grief through the story of Coral, an author who discovers that her brother has taken his own life.

  3. "House of Flame and Shadow" by Sarah J Maas: This is the third book in the Crescent City series by Sarah J Maas. It is expected to be a crossover moment between her three fantasy series and follows the protagonist Bryce Quinlin as she finds herself in another world.

  4. "Good Material" by Dolly Alderton: Dolly Alderton, known for her women characters navigating the travails of love and dating, focuses on a man named Andy, a comedian, in the wake of a breakup that turns his life upside down.

These are just a few of the exciting books to look forward to in 2024. There are many more titles that you can discover and add to your reading list. Happy reading!

Source: TODAY

Nusantara is set to replace sinking and polluted Jakarta as Indonesia’s political centre by late 2024.

Adek Berry | Afp | Getty Images

Indonesia's new capital, Nusantara, is set to officially switch in 2024, addressing concerns of congestion and climate change in Jakarta.

10. A New Outlook on Catholic Faith

The Catholic Church concludes the three-year Synod of Synodality, exploring critical issues like the role of women in church leadership and the blessing of same-sex marriages.


11. More (Useful) Artificial Intelligence

Image from Canva

Highlights some of the most exciting events coming up in 2024 and their significance for the future of artificial intelligence.

  • 4th Annual MENA Conversational AI Summit 2024: A premier event focused on conversational AI, taking place in Dubai, UAE from February 13th-14th. More info

  • WAICF (World AI Cannes Festival): A festival in Cannes, France from February 8th-10th, showcasing visionary leaders shaping AI strategies globally. More info

  • NVIDIA GTC AI Conference: Held in San Jose, CA (and virtually) from March 17th-21st, this conference brings together researchers, developers, and business strategists to shape the trajectory of AI. More info

  • Enterprise Generative AI Summit: A groundbreaking event in California on May 21st, focused on generative AI (GenAI) and bringing together professionals from various industries. More info

  • Tech & AI LIVE London 2024: BizClik Media's immersive learning and networking experience in London on May 21st, featuring keynote speakers and discussions on AI, diversity, and monetization. More info

  • The AI Summit London: Taking place from June 12th-13th, this event during London Tech Week showcases powerful AI use cases and offers insights into the latest trends and advancements. More info

  • 2024 IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Set in Singapore from June 25th-27th, this conference presents cutting-edge breakthroughs and explores AI entrepreneurship. More info

  • GITEX Global: The world's foremost large-scale technology exhibition, held in Dubai, UAE from October 14th-18th, featuring AI, cybersecurity, mobility, and sustainable tech. More info

  • 10th Middle East Enterprise AI and Analytics Summit: Focused on B2B collaboration, this summit takes place in Dubai, UAE on November 7th, exploring AI and analytics integration. More info

  • Tech & AI LIVE 2024 New York: BizClik Media's immersive conference on November 20th, featuring keynote speakers from industry giants and discussions on generative AI, the Metaverse, and Zero Trust Security. More info

12. A Historic Election in Mexico

Mexico's presidential election features two women, Claudia Sheinbaum and Xóchitl Gálvez, running against each other, marking a historic first.

13. Amazing Art

Paris 1874: The Impressionist Moment National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art and the Musée d’Orsay collaborate on "Paris 1874: The Impressionist Movement," showcasing 130 works from Impressionist greats.

14. Malaria Breakthroughs

Image: Canva

The R21/Matrix-M vaccine offers a new weapon against malaria, with distribution expected in several African countries in 2024.

15. Mosquitoes That Are Actually Helpful

Brazil initiates a ten-year program releasing modified mosquitoes carrying a bacteria that prevents the transmission of viruses, potentially saving millions from diseases like dengue.

16. Pandemic Progress

While Covid challenges persist, 2024 holds promise with advancements in understanding long Covid and the emergence of new vaccines.

17. A Better Job Market

Job seekers visit booths during the Spring Job Fair at the Las Vegas Convention Center Friday, April 15, 2022 (K.M.Cannon/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @KMCannonPhoto

Economic experts predict a positive shift in the job market, fueled by slowing inflation and a favorable outlook for the stock market.

 18. A New Day

As we flip the calendar to 2024, let it serve as a reminder that, despite uncertainties, we hold the power to shape our happiness and face the future together with resilience.


With 24 reasons to look forward to 2024, the coming year holds a diverse tapestry of opportunities, milestones, and breakthroughs. Embrace the new dawn, and let optimism guide the way.


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