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Goodbye Heartland Cafe

Getting ready to say goodbye to a staple in the Chicago music, art, and even the political culture on the far northeast side of the city. Heartland Café has been a staple in Chicago culture over 30 years and on Monday December 31st it will be closing its doors. Located in the Rogers Park community, known as the home of Loyola University’s main campus, many major political officials, regional as well as national artists not to mention one hell of a Sunday brunch the Heartland Café was truly at the heart of the Midwest largest city.

When I was managing rock bands and hip-hop artists, I did a lot of shows around the Heartland Café but never actually at the performance venue. Nonetheless if it’s one thing I could always count on was that the Heartland Café would have a very interesting show, and crowd we could promote to on anyone are there live concert nights.

This Chicago native can’t help but notice the trend of losing significant staples in our local art and entertainment community what comes to mind is the closing of the Double Door which happened earlier in 2018 another recent potential loss was the fundraiser for survival that the Chicago Reader newspaper, which is one of the more nationally-known free news outlets based in the Midwest. Night clubs come and go because that’s just the nature of that industry. The trends of nightlife culture changes from generation to generation but live entertainment is the reason why groups such as The Rolling Stones, artists like Paul McCartney, and major contemporary recording artist like Jay-Z still command hundreds and thousands of attendees to performances as well as millions of views from live streams or videos posted online. There’s nothing like live entertainment.

Chicago will be losing another one of our notable facilities for local entertainers to get there shot in front of family, friends, and the potential to create grassroots following.

Below is a message from the Heartland Café from there newsletter.

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Richard Cornell
Richard Cornell
01 févr. 2022

Terror in the class rooms.

Chicago teachers are paid a salary which even double I would not take. What they have to put up teaching a class is shear terror. More and more schools are having hidden cameras install in their schools just about every nook and cranny. Even the washrooms have seen video cameras videoing the sinks (not the stalls) because students are getting high.

During this pandemic when lessons were taught remotely students had the option to dial in or not. Many who did also were socializing on their smart phones. There were the teachers who video there class ahead of time then the students could down load it from the net, watch it, make written comments and…


Richard Cornell
Richard Cornell
31 janv. 2022

Working in Chicago.

Chicago has a problem in drawing new wards boundary lines. Especially if your once consider all black wards. With the new censor results the Latino wards have grown. As there are two languages spoken in Chicago. Spanish being number one and English being #2. Every day more people who speak Spanish arrive in Chicago.

Once it was Polish and English but those who speak Polish now are a oddity. If your want to work construction in Chicago now your second language better be Spanish.

Being By-lingual means you primary language is Spanish because your work force is primary from Mexico.

Try working in a company where most of the workforce is from Mexico where some could speak…


Richard Cornell
Richard Cornell
29 janv. 2022

Old news does not make in the real world. With all that is going on in Chicago old news does not make it.

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